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I don’t look like I should be a masters student, at least not an MA in theology student. Maybe an MFA, or something such. I look like a professional slacker, or so I’ve been told. My boss has a had time reconciling what I look like and what he knows I am. I think its […]

summer term


I love my class. Patristics is wonderful, and I’m putting all of that work from Trinity and Christology to good use. But I hate summer terms. Thirteen classes, because of Memorial day, and then down to twelve because of a conference. How are we supposed to cover 700 years of patristic theology in twelve classes? […]

I love going to Small Urban Campus Seminary (SUCS), really I do. I love everything about school. Sometimes, I don’t like doing business near it. The closest gas station, with a decent size convenience selection to SUCS, usually is pretty quiet. I get hit up for change, and hit on, and then I go about […]

I’m done!


And my final’s not even due until Sunday! As a professional slacker and procrastinator, I’m astounded. I was certain I’d be at Doc’s this Sunday diligently typing away while everyone else was outside enjoying the theology club picnic. Yes, my alma matter has a theology club, and we have end of the year picnics. But […]

WYD 2008


I can’t afford to pay for all the stuff my parish is doing for WYD. So I decided to volunteer. I really want to go. This would be WYD number 4 for me, and I love going (Rome, Toronto, and Koln previously). I filled out my volunteer registration form. I can only be there for […]

Break Time


I’ve finished the theological methods test, thankfully.  All I have to do now is type out q1 because I was forgot what I handwrote at home, and I don’t feel like doing all of it over again.  Why on earth would I want to do double work?  I don’t know either.  My Trinity and Christology […]



Thus begins another summer of what Doc likes to call “church shopping.” Not that I want to leave the Catholic church, (I tried that once, but I know this is where the truth is and couldn’t leave if I tried, but that’s a different post) but preaching isn’t a gift that every pastor has, certainly […]