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summer term


I love my class. Patristics is wonderful, and I’m putting all of that work from Trinity and Christology to good use. But I hate summer terms. Thirteen classes, because of Memorial day, and then down to twelve because of a conference. How are we supposed to cover 700 years of patristic theology in twelve classes? […]

I’m beginning to think maybe I just can’t pray. Or maybe I don’t know how to pray spontaneously. Is there training in that? I know there’s training to spontaneously lead public prayer. But I haven’t seen an intro to prayer class offered at the seminary, but then I have a serious aversion to the idea […]

I haven’t even started And the whole idea of writing something intelligent beyond 25 pages scares the shit out of me. I don’t know why, because I’m REALLY excited about my thesis. I’m just not excited about the process. And the idea of having people tear it to shreds scares me a bit too. And […]

I was reading a post about the pros and cons of PhD work and was astounded by how nippy some of the people had gotten. Wow. But what struck me most wasn’t that, it was the recurring theme that if there is anything else you want to do, DO IT! (OH, and to have your […]