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Basically, it comes down to the fact my alter ego has been blogging a fair bit for work, and I’ve not wanted to really blog for me. Oh, and I’ve go wicked fierce insomnia, but more on that later. • I got the paper that had become a huge time suck back, and with two […]

Its been a long time since I procrastinated like this. I’ve got 750 words of my 2000 word paper on Augustine done, and I honestly could care less right now. I hate my topic, and I’m suffering end of semester crap. It will get done, and so will, God willing, most of my Latin homework, […]

I should go back to my paper, and I will momentarily, after I get the remaining bottle of coke out of my car before it freezes, and after I blog about Thanksgiving. Wednesday it started. I went over to my parents house, and dove into baking. Thirty onion rolls and twenty eight sweet rolls later, […]

• Today begins National Novel Writing Month. And for the third year in a row, I’ve signed up to do it. I’m really not sure why. Last year was fun, if not a headache waiting to happen, and yet I’m going to do it again this year, when I’m three times as busy, and have […]