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Tomorrow is the Michigan Primary, and I don’t care. Yep, the status quo has returned. I’ve got 300 pages of reading for the next week, a class I haven’t even read the syllabus for and the itch to be more creative. And spring break to plan. I was going to visit CA again this year, […]

Weekend Roundup


I spent the weekend (Saturday night through Monday afternoon, because that’s what constitutes a weekend for me) in Alumni City. It was good fun, though a fair change from previously. And I learned something very important. Getting very little sleep for two nights in a row and then sitting through Church History and Latin on […]

A while back someone posted a comment asking who “Doc” was. And I’ve been avoiding answering any such questions. But, I feel like blogging, and short of beating the dead computer horse, this is all I got. Doc was my first theology professor as an undergrad. I blame it all on him. If it hadn’t […]

I did it. I bit the bullet and bought a new laptop last night (actually it was me and the husband). *sigh* I HATE buying computer shit. Its irrelevant far too quickly, and for what I want it to do, costs waaaaay too much. But the Dell I have is finally biting the big one, […]

Tattoos, vol. 2


I’ve been thinking about what tattoos I want to get and where to put them… Right now I’m up to three, most of which will take up the top four inches of my back. Although one of them will be quite small and probably go just below my collar bone on the left side. They […]

I don’t look like I should be a masters student, at least not an MA in theology student. Maybe an MFA, or something such. I look like a professional slacker, or so I’ve been told. My boss has a had time reconciling what I look like and what he knows I am. I think its […]

I hate being hit on in church. As a note to all the single catholic men out there, mass is not a good time to troll for girls. It’s distracting, and annoying. I was hit on after mass today. And I just knew it was going to happen. I don’t like it, for a couple […]