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I’m beginning to think that slightly depressed may be the normal working order for me. Its not that I’m really depressed, just I’m not ever happy. I can be content, and I can laugh a lot, but really truly happy, even in moments when I know I should probably be, I’m not. And I’ve got […]

So I know pretty much the exact theological reasons why suicide in the Church is considered a sin. I want to know what other faiths teach about it, specifically moderate Islam. I have a good idea of what, uhm, more militant Islam teach about some suicide, but not about what most people understand. So that’s […]

I was thinking about life, while driving home, listening to The Spill Canvas on my ipod, and the song “Self Conclusion” came on. Yeah, we all flirt with the tiniest notion Of self conclusion in one simplified motion You see the trick is that you’re never supposed to act on it No matter how unbearable […]