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Thirteen Reasons no one thinks I’m a Theology grad student. 1. I look like a __________________. Insert word of choice here, anything from slacker, skater, punk, theatre nerd, goth, to perpetual college student. When I’m not explicitly trying to look professional, I look like I work in a bike shop, and don’t care about my […]

Thursday 13….


For some reason my Thursday 13 post won’t take changes, so when i get home later, I’ll link everyone up here. To get to my Thursday 13, go here. Links to other Thursday 13 posts: 1. Amy over at Amy’s Random Thoughts 2. Mishelle over at Secret Agent Mama 3. Nicholas at A Gentleman’s Domain

Thirteen Things I love about Halloween 1. Dressing up in costumes, especially the ones my mom made for me, or the ones we made as kids. (I still have the Ghost costume I wore a couple of times) 2. Trick-or-Treating with friends in all of out neighborhoods as teenagers. 3. Decorating for Halloween 4. Satisfying […]