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Well, it’s almost done, today and tomorrow and I’m off to other things. My co-worker L is probably the on I’ll miss the most. But most of the ladies I like a lot. I’m looking forward to the shop more than I ever thought possible, so this is definitely the right time to be doing […]

I have another resolution to add to the list. 8. read more outside the genres I usually pick up. The husband is studying radical Muslim eschatology, and as fucked up as it may be, I want to read more about it. And more other books, any other books, so I don’t end up with the […]

I like holidays, as a rule. Mostly/sorta/kinda-ish. But not too much, and not this year. We went to the children’s mass to see the kids sing, and during the petitions, when we offered prayers for those who had been with us on previous Christmases, I started crying and had to leave the church. When I […]

The semester is over, and has been for a week now, thank god. Its taken that long for my brain to decide that cooperating with me is a good thing. We had our work Christmas party on Tuesday, and we’re exchanging gifts for secret santa today. Woopty fucking do. Woopty apparently isn’t a word. The […]



I’m depressed. And there’s neither a whole lot I can do about it, nor a whole lot I want to do about it. I haven’t got health insurance, because I can’t afford it, but I make too much money for the state to help. Fuck that shit. The thing is, I’m worried where this depression […]

I can’t really identify why I blog. My life is pretty average, at least to me, and I’ll probably always think that, even when it becomes too much of something. I’ve suffered from some form of depression for as long as I can remember. So raining on my parade is nothing new for me. I’m […]

One down, three to go. Paper’s done, I’ve started the essays, and the I have two finals. Two finals that happen to cover far more than I think is fair. But I’m not the professor. Must remember, if I was I wouldn’t be assigning papers to be due the last day of class. I should […]