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Merry Christmas. I’ve spent the past three days doing nothing but cooking and a fair bit of eating what we cooked. I think I broke my toe. It hurts like a mo-fo, and its a nasty shade of purple. I went to Alumni city on Saturday morning, and had breakfast twice at the best breakfast […]

The Harbinger of DOOM That’s what D, my coworker, and I have nicknamed one of the bosses The Harbinger of DOOM! It seems so fitting a name for him. I don’t even want to talk about it, but either way I slice it, my job is not super secure at the moment. I’m going to […]

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Well, its official, I’m going back to the shop. *sigh of relief* I told the boss today at the end of the day, because there was no time before that. I’m mostly excited. I’m partly worried. But it’s good. They give me the flexibility to take classes when I need, and that’s really important. Vacation […]

I found out, [I was going to say ‘we’ but he’s known for a while… GRRR] that my mother-in-law is going to have to have surgery to fix a hole in her abdomen. Which, ok fine we’ll deal with it, like we deal with everything else. The only problem is who is going to watch […]