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Reality has set in. I have three weeks top research, write and edit my paper on natural theology in Aquinas. I love natural theology. The first time I was introduced to it, the lightbulb in my head went on, and I realized that yes, Catholicism was something I could ascent to because it was logical. […]

They are places I could call home in a moment, without hesitation, without a second thought to what I might leave behind. The dreams are more real to me than the reality in which I masterfully participate, most of the time. They are places rich with a history I long to discover, and in turn, […]

I keep having these dreams. Strange dreams where nothing makes sense, there is no beginning or end. Dreams of places I do not know and have not been, yet I recognize them, luxuriate in their familiarity, and cannot shake the knowledge that somehow, they are as familiar to me as my own home. They are […]