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Its freezing cold outside and snowing heavily for the first time this winter. And yet, MDOT begins construction on the Lodge on Monday, where there’s going to be ONE lane open on the ONLY OTHER NORTH SOUTH HIGHWAY IN THE CITY! (Other than I-75, that is.) So my drive home from school is going to […]

I hate winter, because I hate being sick, especially two infections in less than a month. Last time it was bronchitis. Which, hey, I didn’t get it last winter, and that was the first time in almost a decade, so I knew it was going to hit and hit hard. So hard in fact that […]

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So, my mother is firmly convinced that my mother-in-law is a hypochondriac nutcase.  And there’s no way its going to be as bad as she thinks it is.  Which is firmly comforting, because this has not been a good week for the idea of me quitting my job.   My mom, being a nurse and […]

I found out, [I was going to say ‘we’ but he’s known for a while… GRRR] that my mother-in-law is going to have to have surgery to fix a hole in her abdomen. Which, ok fine we’ll deal with it, like we deal with everything else. The only problem is who is going to watch […]

The husband is writing a paper on radical Islam’s view of the end times. Now, I think most eschatology is pretty weird to start with but the president of Iran, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, is a whole other thing unto himself. Along with his view that the world’s going to end really soon. (And that the mahdi […]

Firstly, I don’t’ watch a lot of TV. I watch a lot of Canadian TV. I admit that, it makes my husband a little nuts, but he watches wrestling. I watch The Hour and Little Mosque on the Prairie. I think its intelligent and funny, a hard sell in most popular tv. And thankfully it’s […]

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you say my broken heart becomes me i say i’d sell it cheap to you